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Why Segmental Retaining Walls?

Segmental Retaining Walls don't involve the use of pins or mortar, and rely on their own weight to support structures. This type of wall might be a good choice for your property for the following reasons:

 Easy Installation

The consistent shape of each block makes for a quick and easy installation. Additionally, no time is wasted waiting for mortar to dry, so even large scale jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently. 

  Low Cost

Segmental Retaining Walls are one of the least expensive load bearing walls to install. Due to the ease of installation, significant saving can be made on labor and material costs. 


Because segmental retaining walls are composed of separate block units, the wall will not crack due to changes in the environment. Additionally, the material used to manufacture the blocks is of high quality, allowing the wall to fight the effects of weather and erosion.




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